Go put ‘♣’ in my ask, and I’ll answer:

You are:

[] A healer
[] A sword fighter
[] A sorceror/sorceress
[] A fist fighter
[] An archer
[] A damsel in distress
[] Canon fodder

In our adventures I would:

[] Be the one to rescue you
[] Be the one getting rescued
[] Always offer to pay for our drink
[] Often leave you behind
[] Try to seduce you at every turn

We met:

[] Once upon a dream
[] In our childhood
[] On a hot summer’s day/winter’s night
[] While we were neck deep in trouble

Do I secretly love you?

[] Yes
[] No
[] I refuse to answer this!

If you were in trouble:

[] I would do my best to help you no matter what happens!
[] I would help, but only if I could benefit as well.
[] I might help. Maybe.
[] I’d let you rot. It’d serve you right.
[] You? In trouble? I’m the one in trouble! Help me!

When we are alone:

[] It’s just you and me, sharing a meal by the fire.
[] We are in the library, lounging about and studying.
[] We have long conversations about everything and nothing at the same time.
[] It’s in the bedroom.

Together we shall:

[] Rule over all!
[] Grow old and adventure together.
[] Part ways, sweetly, yet sadly.
[] Create a new kingdom all our own!
[] Discover new lands!
[] Conquer new lands!
[] Make sweet sweet love.

And finally:

[] We are friends.
[] We are enemies.